Automatic Billing

What are the advantages of automatic billing?

It's convenient. Payments are automatic and evenly divided. No chance of forgetting to pay and being assessed a late fee.

What if my balance changes?

If your reservation balance changes (for instance, if you add a guest or upgrade your cabin), we’ll adjust the payment amounts on your payment plan and notify all guests via email. Your payment dates won't change.

Will I BE REMINDED before I’m charged?

Yes, we send an email out about one week before we start processing payments for the group. And it can take up to two weeks to process all the payments for the group. Once your payment has been confirmed we'll email you an updated invoice for your records.

How many automatic payments will I have?

It varies, but you'll see your exact payment plan while you enroll. The number of payments is determined by when you book your cruise. Your initial deposit is due at the time of booking and you'll usually get from 2 to 5 additional payments all in accordance with the Payment Schedule.

What if a credit card is declined at the time of processing?

We will directly reach out to the guest by phone and e-mail if a credit card is declined to obtain alternative credit card information.

In the unlikely event we cannot reach you after trying for a minimum of two weeks, your reservation will cancel and you will be subject to any cancellation penalties incurred.

How will the payments be spaced out?

Payments will be spaced out according to the following schedule:

Deposit is doubled for guests booked “solo” in a double occupant cabin
Deposit is $399.00 USD per person for reservations made thru 12 July 2018
Deposit increases to $649.00 USD per person for reservations made 13 July thru 13 Sept 2018
Deposit increases to $899.00 USD per person for reservations made 14 Sept 2018 thru 10 January 2019
Payment will be due in full for reservations made 11 January or after

After your initial deposit is made the following automated payment plan will be implemented using the same credit card you use for your initial deposit.

Automated Payment Plan for Interior, Ocean view, Balcony and Mini-Suite cabins.(guests booked “solo” in a double occupant cabin will be billed $500.00 per payment)
$250.00 per person, week of 18 JUNE 2018 (Haven Suites $450.00 per person)
$250.00 per person, week of 13 AUG 2018 (Haven Suites $450.00 per person)
$250.00 per person, week of 15 OCT 2018 (Haven Suites $450.00 per person)
$250.00 per person, week of 10 DEC 2018 (Haven Suites $450.00 per person)
Remaining balance of reservation will be processed week of 16 FEB 2019

Additional payments can be made anytime up until final payment.

Can multiple people in a cabin do automated billing?

Yes, assuming that multiple credit cards were used at the time of the initial reservation.

Please call us on any issues you have relating to multiple credit cards.

How does automatic billing work?

Automatic billing is easy and you will never miss a payment that could cause your reservation to cancel.

We simply bill the credit card used to make the reservation in accordance with the Payment Schedule (see payment schedule).

You can also set this up with multiple credit cards but these reservations will need to take place over the phone by calling 1-855-Irish-Cruise 1-855-474-7427) OR 800-427-8473 ext 7811 or if calling from outside the US & Canada 1-561-900-1856, ext 7811.