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Can I use my Cell phone?

The Norwegian ships are equipped with a 24 hour Internet Café. Give your friends and family back home your personalized email address (printed on your cruise ticket) and stay in touch throughout your cruise. Click here for more information on rates and services.

Q: Is CellAtSea® Service available in port?
A:The CellAtSea® service will automatically shut down when a ship is entering port. When connected to CellAtSea®, GSM phones will either display "MCP" or "90112". CDMA phones will display "Roaming" or "Digital Roaming".

Q: How much will I be charged when I use my cell phone onboard?
A: The rates vary according to cellular phone carrier and the pricing /roaming plan which you have established with them directly. The charges incurred will appear on your normal mobile carrier's bill you receive at home. For more information on exact pricing contact your carrier or visit their webpage. Please visit the following link for more information

Before your trip:

  1. Is your phone enabled for international roaming? This can be set up, but can take up to three weeks and must be arranged before leaving
  2. What are the charges for international roaming services at your destination?
  3. Will your handset work in the country you are visiting? Not all phones work in all countries, especially outside Europe

Most mobile service providers have fixed-fee monthly packages that offer reduced rates for international roaming. If you are a frequent traveler or travel for long periods of time, these deals can work out much cheaper. If you’re using your network provider’s pre-paid mobile international roaming service, make sure you know how to top up your calling credit.

10 SMART rules when using your mobile abroad:

  1. Find out what your international calling options are and exactly what the calling fee is. Most of the operators have a webpage that provide you with this information or a contact number you could call
  2. Disable your smartphone or tablet from performing automatic app refreshes or automatic software updates when abroad to prevent large data downloads
  3. When you need to download data put your phone back to its default data-capable mode
  4. Turning off your voicemail prevent the call to go to your voicemail. Otherwise you will be paying for the messages left on your voicemail at the same rate as if you’d actually answered the call
  5. Contact the reception of the ship if you have any questions about the service
  6. Download music and films on your mobile before your travel as it can be costly to do it while roaming into an international network
  7. As a parent, have an overview of the services your children are using and the costs related to these
  8. Set up your email client to download only the header of emails. Once you receive the headers of new emails, you can then manually select which emails should be downloaded in full
  9. Read SMS from your mobile operator. Normally you will get price information to use the local mobile service wherever you are
  10. Set the call timer on your mobile. This will allow you to track conversation length

Can I attend if I am pregnant or just had a baby?

Norwegian will make every effort to accommodate you, providing you have not entered the 24th week of pregnancy when the cruise ends. Please include your cruise details in an email to or call 1-800-427-8473 ext 7811 with a medical certificate establishing your due date prior to the cruise.

Infants under six months of age are not eligible for travel on Norwegian ships.

What is the cruise itinerary?

7 Night Western Caribbean cruise from Port Canaveral FL*

Sleeping under a palm tree, strolling on endless beaches and eating ice cream while floating in a turquoise sea. What could be further from your everyday world? When you sail the Caribbean you'll discover how relaxing, entertaining and just plain fun a week really can be.

Day Location Arrival Departure
Sunday, May 12, 2019 New York City, NY -- 04:00 PM
Monday, May 13, 2019 At Sea -- --
Tuesday, May 14, 2019 At Sea -- --
Wednesday, May 15, 2019 Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda 08:00 AM --
Thursday, May 16, 2019 Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda -- --
Friday, May 17, 2019 Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda -- 03:00 PM
Saturday, May 18, 2019 At Sea -- --
Sunday, May 19, 2019 New York City, NY 07:00 AM --

*Norwegian Cruise Line reserves the right to alter the itinerary at their discretion if the need arises

Are there any cruise discounts available?

Unfortunately no; the Folk*N Irish Cruise entertainment package is a special program from NCL and Joanie’s group is not combinable with ANY of Norwegian Cruise Line’s promotions.

When should I plan to arrive for the cruise?

We always recommend arriving in the departure port city at least one day prior to your cruise to avoid delays by the airlines (or any other unforeseen factor). New York City offers non-stop entertainment with multiple options.

But if you are planning on arriving to the port on the day the cruise departs (May 12, 2019) the Norwegian Escape starts her check-in as early as 9:30 AM and boarding process around 12:00 noon on embarkation day. So when booking your arrival flights we recommend that you arrive in New York no later than 1:00 PM on May 12, 2019. Arrive at the ship no later than 2:30 PM.

Return flights should be planned to depart 12:00 PM or later on May 19, 2019.
Norwegian only offers transfers from/to LaGuardia(LGA)

Will the artists be onboard the whole time?

Our artists are excited to join you on board for the whole event. However, there may be some cases where they must join us during the trip or depart early due to schedule or family commitments.

How can I learn more about the Norwegian Escape?

Read up on the Norwegian Escape here.

How does automatic billing work?

Automatic billing is easy and you will never miss a payment that could cause your reservation to cancel.

We simply bill the credit card used to make the reservation in accordance with the Payment Schedule (see payment schedule).

You can also set this up with multiple credit cards but these reservations will need to take place over the phone by calling 1-855-Irish-Cruise 1-855-474-7427) OR 800-427-8473 ext 7811 or if calling from outside the US & Canada 1-561-900-1856, ext 7811.

What information will I need to book my cabin?

Cabin Selection: During booking just select your desired cabin category and occupancy and we'll select the best location from our list of available cabins for you. If you have a cabin location request please make that request in the "Comment" box on the payment information page at the end of the booking process.

Naming Guests: You can add your guests later but fees may apply. See "Can I make changes to my reservation?" here for more details.

You are obligated for the full cruise fare of the occupancy level you select during the reservation process even if you do not add guests to fill your entire cabin. If you wish to add guests beyond the capacity of the occupancy level you select during the reservation process you may do so based on availability for the additional cruise fare associated with the transaction.

Multiple Credit Card Payments: If you wish to make your initial deposit using multiple credit card please contact Kevin Donovan at 1-855-Irish-Cruise (1-855-474-7427) or 800-427-8473 ext 7853.

How do I make a reservation?

Placing a reservation is easy! You can book a cabin online by clicking Book Now or by calling 1-855-Irish-Cruise (1-855-474-7427) or 800-427-8473 ext 7853.