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Sean Fleming

Sean Fleming is a singer and multi-instrumentalist who hails from Killarney in County Kerry. Sean’s career started by playing traditional Irish music in Irish dance halls, but his abilities and his ambition as a singer began to take shape and he formed the Rocketeers Irish Showband which toured throughout North America playing in major cities across the United States and Canada.

Sean's first big break came through the help of someone that holds a special place in Sean's memory, the legendary TV host, Merv Griffin. Sean was chosen from the audience to perform on Merv's Show which was so successful that it consequently led to several more appearances over the next couple of years where he shared the spotlight with such artists as the Beach Boys, David Soul, Della Reese and Rodney Dangerfield.
The shape of his career was becoming quite definite when he signed with MGM records and MGM motion pictures. However, life took an abrupt twist when he was called by Uncle Sam and was drafted into the army. After being honorably discharged, Sean found himself back in New York starting all over again. His beginnings this time were spent working in small clubs and bars and the formation of the Sean Fleming Band took place, where they quickly rose to the top of the popular acts on the scene. The Sean Fleming band performed many concerts including a concert in Philadelphia to 9,000 people as well as appearances at the Irish Cultural Center in San Francisco and Southern Florida; Warner Brothers Theatre, Ohio; Westchester Country Club, New York; Flanagan's in New York, and his own bar in New York City through 1994, Ireland's Four Provinces and Cellar Door Productions in Washington D.C.(The Bayou)and Alexandria, Virginia's Birchmere, Music Fest Bethleham, PA and all over the united states with the Irish Tourist Board . Also to his credit are many radio shows and television appearances (including the PBS "Out of Ireland" series) throughout the United States, Ireland, Japan, Argentina, the Philippines and the Czech Republic.